The Tuesday Series


Cover by Bo Rutter


Tuesday is a chaotic, passionate and opinionated twenty-something year old whose religion is music. Her best friends are her dog Beatnik and her cat Spaz. Sometimes she likes her boyfriend too. She advocates baggy pants and she doesn’t do heels. She’s happy and content with her life in general, but she can hardly bare the world’s hypocrisies and has the strong need to share her thoughts on these matters.

Society’s double-standards on drugs (“Fucking Hippies”), our love/hate relationship with the shit we eat (“Of Plastics and Chemicals”), unrealistic body images (“Perverse Perfection Propaganda”) and people mistreating animals (“One for my Homies”) – these are all topics Tuesday has a thing or two to say about. But don’t worry, she’s not preachy. Just colourful.

I started the Tuesday Series in 2012. Around the same time, I was working on a project with the Swedish artist Bo Rutter for the New Heroes & Pioneers. I really love his style, the street flair and the details. I figured it would be perfect for a character like Tuesday and luckily, so did Under Belly Comix.

Tuesday’s ramblings will be available via Under Belly Comix shortly.



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